Some of the Functions in Microsoft Excel You Need to Know

Are you one of those who are constantly using Microsoft Excel? Yes, there are really people who are always using Microsoft Excel in their everyday tasks. Like for example those who are always dealing with numbers or encoding data and so on. If you are one of these people, is it safe to assume that you are already an expert in Microsoft Excel? If not like you are just using the basic functions and you think you have no need of the other functions, that is where you are wrong.

Yes, you might not have any need of these other functions right now but who knows? Might as well be prepared when you will need them and undergo an online Excel training. There is now an online application that can help in your Microsoft Excel training. In fact, there are a number of providers online.

You can start learning about some of the powerful functions of Microsoft Excel here though:

=SUM() – this is the formula you will use if you want the excel to do a particular arithmetic procedure. You can utilize this function as well as the other functions that are listed here to encompass the number of cells you need. Just click all the cells that you want to be included.

=AVERAGE – this functions almost the same way as the first SUM and this will surely get the average of the numbers encoded in the other cells. Just like with the SUM, you will key in =AVERAGE(A2:A13), that is given though that the encoded numbers are from cells A2 to A13.

=MIN – this is the function you will use if you are looking for the smallest number in particular cells. Like for example if you key in =MIN(B3:B39), you will be presented with the smallest number found in the cells of B3 to B39.

=MAX – this is the opposite of MIN and the process will still be the same to get the biggest number.

=TRIM – this function will aid you in cleaning up if after copying data from another excel will result to a lot of mess.

There are still a number of functions that can be used in a typical Microsoft Excel. To learn more about them, you should undergo the training mentioned above. You see, it is important that you equip yourself with enough knowledge in using the most used tool in business. This way, you will always be useful in your company.


Post Author: Verrine Nora